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Company today

The branch No. 5 «Grodno building materials plant» of Joint stock company «Krasnoselskstroymaterialy» specializes on manufacturing of the autoclaved aerated and dense concrete elements for the house building and leads their production in the Republic of Belarus.


Silicate concrete as a wall material is more and more used, and that is due to the fact that it is the most ecological product. Autoclaved aerated concrete elements are made of natural components (lime, sand, cement and water) with very low specific activity of natural radionuclides (SA NRN) as compared with ceramic bricks or ash and chark based aerated concrete elements.

Due to its perfect thermal insulating properties, lightness, non-flammability, high durability, dimensional accuracy and extreme workability (it can be easily sawed, milled and nailed) AAC has acquired good competitiveness.

Our AAC building materials can be used in construction without any limitations: lime-sand bricks and fractured stones, small-pieces AAC products; wall blocks, partition wall blocks, insulating panels, lump and pulverized builder’s lime.

Wehrhahn equipment

In spring 2006 a new German technological line «Wehrhahn» was put into operation, and that made it possible to manufacture up to 120.000 cubic meters of top quality AAC products per year. New 1st quality AAC wall blocks are characterized by high dimensional accuracy. The production line is the 85th in the world and the only one in Belarus. The new workshop inauguration took place on May 26, 2006.

Our products meet European standards and requirements; they are exported to the Russian Federation, the Ukraine, European Union (the Baltic states and Poland). Our company dominates the building market of Grodno region. It is maintained by constant attempts to lower costs and curb price growth, thus creating favorable conditions for being a market leader with relatively low prices and high quality output.

The company always takes an active part in specialized exhibitions in different countries.

Historic reference


The company was founded in January 1950 by merging three independent enterprises: Nо. 20 brick-making plant, Nо.19 glazed tile enterprise and Nо. 5 lime enterprise. All these enterprises dating the beginning of the 20th century were small season working primitive ones. The year 1958 saw the construction of a new big mechanized enterprise specializing on building material production — lime and sand-lime products. In January 1965 all these plants were merged into a building materials company.

Within more than half a century the plant has turned into a big multi-activity building materials company. In 1995 it was reorganized into a joint stock company. Nowadays JSC «Grodno building materials plant» is a leading branch enterprise initiating adoption of new modern technologies and innovations in scientific methods of work and production.